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atticeyewear.com was a natural evolution for the collectors. Being an Opticians by trade only helped to make the Vintage Eyewear Collection of frames, accessories more distinctive . Our vintage collection are like tiny pieces of the past that are able to be worn to express your personality. Our collection of Vintage Eyewear is based on what we like and know to be very special finds of the industry. Every pair of vintage eyeglasses have been very carefully adjusted to allow for installation of prescription lenses should the buyer so choose.

The collection has been tailored to have period spanning from the 1900 thru 2000. Many of our collectible frames are NOS New Out of Stock. We do however, have some pieces that are so rare worn condition is the only way to obtain. We do restore eyewear as part of our craft and this will be noted in the listing.

It has taken many years of collecting and much searching to find these one of a kind eyeglasses that we offer for you to enjoy. Being Collectors as well as Opticians, has allowed our discerning eyes to pick pieces that we know are made of the highest quality plastics as well as quality hinges. Attic Eyewear would love to be your choice for vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses. Atticeyewear reflects a deep passion and desire that we feel will show throughout this collection. We know what shapes are wearable,fashionable and timeless. Our collection is a histology of eyewear, a piece of history to share and wear.

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A. Rios California USA

I started my search online for a pair of vintage glasses I could use for my prescription, and I stumbled on this site atticeyewear.com!!! Wow, was I in for a treat!!! The site was super organized and the images were really large and clear to see. The categories were broken down by different decades... 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, etc and TONS of options to choose from!! I found a pair of sweet gold Christian Dior's from the 60's!! They are so flipping cute:)!!! Not only are the glasses in perfect condition, the customer service was OUTSTANDING!!! I was able to send atticeyewear my current prescription and they filled it no problem!!!! So, anyone looking for a ONE-OF-A-KIND pair of REAL VINTAGE lenses get them at atticeyewear.com!!!! You will get tons of compliments too!!!

Thank You atticeyewear.com

A. Rios